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Really old projects that I just found pictures of

So I made a new years resolution to go through and organize the mess of photos I have laying around my computer. I stumbled upon a pile achient photos from projects I did some time ago while in high school Linear Induction Knex coaster: This was for a high school physics class, the idea was to demonstrate […]


Ford Siemens EV Motor

I picked up a Ford Siemens PV5133-4WS20 W11 EV traction motor today, Let the EV project begin! Ballards Ratings: · AC Induction Motor · 67 kW Peak Power · 32 kW Continuous Power · 190Nm Peak Torque · 0-14,000 rpm Power / Torque Curve Ballard Brag Sheet Mechanical drawing The motors main drawback and reason […]


DIY Vending Machine

The final assignment for one of my fall courses was to code the logic behind a Red Bull vending machine. The assignment required that when a drink was dispensed a single LED was to be lit until the dispense button was released. For some reason that sounded really lame to me and l had an […]


Desktop CNC Machine – Part 1 : Design

So I have really wanted to do some sort of CNC machine project for a long time now, lacking money and a real use has always kept this project a dream. However with the apparent death of my HP plotter I have decided to make the jump to a CNC milling process. Even with when […]